2007 CCE Student Retreat

The Center for Chemical Ecology sponsored a student-run and -oriented symposium on September 27, 2007, here at PSU. The open forum of the retreat allowed for feedback from other students and faculty about M.S. and Ph.D. projects that are already started or in the process of being designed. More than 60 members of the CCE attended this retreat, along with several new PSU students working on chemical ecology-related topics; 5 of these students are now members of CCE as a result of the retreat. Emily Hohlfeld-Kuhns (Entomology) and Miruna Sasuclark (Biology) were the retreat organizers. The list of speakers follows.


Casey Delphia (PI DeMoraes, Entomology)
Inbreeding in Horsenettle Influences Volatile Production and Insect Preference and Performance

Miruna Sasuclark (PI Stephenson, Biology)
Interrelationships among Inbreeding, Herbivory, and Disease Dynamics in C. Pepo ssp. texana

Kerry Mauck/Lori Shapiro (PI Mescher, Entomology)
Pathogen Infection in Host Plants and Effects on Pathogen Vectors

Ezra Schwartzberg (PI Tumlinson, Entomology)
Aphid–Plant Interactions: Not All Insects Trigger Plant Volatile Responses

Katelyn Willyerd (PI Kuldau, Plant Pathology)
Fungal Growth and Translocation of Mycotoxins within Wheat Heads

Jon Lelito (PI Baker, Entomology)
Mating Behavior and Chemical Ecology of the Emerald Ash Borer

Scott Geib (PI Hoover, Entomology)
Role of Microbial Community of Asian Longhorned Beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) in Wood Metabolism

Jinwon Kim (PI Felton, Entomology)
Plant Perception of Herbivores

Chris Frost (postdoc) (PI Carlson, School of Forest Resources)
Herbivore-Induced Plant Signaling

Wen Po Chuang (PI Luthe, Crop and Soil Sciences)
The Defense Secrets in Maize: How Maize Plants Resist Caterpillars and Ear Rot Fungi

Jinaping Chen (PI Yang, Plant Pathology)
Functional Genomic Analysis of Stress-Responsive Rice Map Kinases and Their Substrates