Center for Chemical Ecology


Dr. Jared Ali receives funding from the National Science Foundation to lead research on Chemical Ecology of Monarch butterflies, milkweed and mirgration
June 4, 2018
Dr. Jared Ali (PI) and Dr. Ruud Schilder(Co-PI) were awarded nearly $900k to study the chemical effects of different milkweed species on Monarch migration. The decline in North American populations of the Monarch butterfly has been linked to the loss of their milkweed host plant along US and Mexican migration routes.
Dr. Jared Ali receives funding from the United States Department of Agriculture to study how cover crops affect maize natural resistance to insect pests via associations with beneficial fungi
June 4, 2018
Dr. Jared Ali receives $500k to lead a project that will unravel the affects of planting different cover crops on beneficial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi which influence the chemical ecology of maize pests.
Tom Baker to teach insect chemical ecology in Harbin China
May 30, 2018
Tom Baker will be in Harbin, China, from June 3rd to June 17th, 2018, to teach insect chemical ecology for two weeks at the Northeast Forestry University.
International Short Course in Insect Chemical Ecology
May 23, 2018
Gary Felton, Jared Ali, and Tom Baker will be lecturing at the Swedish Agricultural University at Alnarp, Sweden in the upcoming short course in Insect Chemical Ecology (ICE 18) held from June 11th to 22nd.
Gary Felton named new Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Chemical Ecology
January 31, 2017
In a Letter from the Editor in the latest issue of the Journal of Chemical Ecology, John Romeo, who has served as Editor-in-Chief for the journal over the past couple of decades, announced that he is stepping down and that Gary Felton of Penn State University will take over in this position beginning with the February issue of the Journal. Romeo stated, “Gary brings breadth, leadership, and experience to the Journal, as well as a commitment to keeping our standards high and continuing to raise our profile in the competitive publishing arena. I am pleased and confident that the Journal is in good hands.”