Insecticides foster 'toxic' slugs, reduce crop yields
December 4, 2014
Our research in no-till soybean fields reveals that seed-applied, neonicotinoid insecticides are exacerbating slug populations by disrupting biological control. This peer-reviewed work, which was led by Ph.D. candidate Maggie Douglas, was published today in the online version of the Journal of Applied Ecology.
Tooker lab members attend, present their research, and win awards at EntSoc 2014
December 4, 2014
The Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America was held in Portland, OR, 16-19 Nov 2014. Seven lab members attended for a few days of scientific presentations, networking, and good fun. A few of our folks even walked away with some nice awards.
Marion is getting to know her new research organisms
September 14, 2014
Marion is starting to love slugs
Summer wrap-up by Ben
September 9, 2014
Ben brought a welcome enthusiasm to the lab; here he offers his insight on his time with us
Corn rootworms suspected of resistance to Bt corn varieties discovered in Pennsylvania
August 12, 2014
We have feared that rootworms may develop resistance to Bt varieties in Pennsylvania, and now we have evidence confirming some root worm populations may have done just that.
Kyle is getting full exposure to entomology this summer
August 12, 2014
Kyle is working toward a minor in entomology, but never did he think he would learn about such a range of research topics!
Will fills us in on his recent journeys around PA
August 2, 2014
Lab assistant Will has been helping study brown marmorated stink bug and pollinators in two distinct studies.
How do monocultures influence bee health?
August 2, 2014
Anthony is pursuing an ambitious field study to understand the influence of monocultures on bumble bee health
Our intrepid high-schooler Rosie is showing our grad students and postdocs a thing or two!
July 28, 2014
In her second summer in our lab, Rosie has become quite a resource in the lab and is experiencing the ups and downs of research experiments
Why would someone study rectal glands of a fly?
July 17, 2014
Anjel's project is taking her in unanticipated directions
Exploring plant response to stress
July 17, 2014
Plant face biotic and abiotic stress. Ian is studying the value of genetic diversity when plants are challenged by insect feeding and/or drought stress
Getting the hang of entomological research
June 15, 2014
Tonilynn may not be an entomologist yet, but she is getting some good exposure
A few nice contributions from the lab
June 15, 2014
The lab has been productive recently. The hard work is paying off with a good number of papers emerging from the lab; a few recent ones are listed below. Even more impressive, recent PhD graduate Eric recently introduced us to his new daughter, Charlotte; she is beautiful!