Ian shoots some great video of predators in action
January 13, 2014
With some funding from NE-SARE, graduate student Ian Grettenberger puts his technical skills to work by filming some great predator-prey interactions (production assistance provided by Maggie Douglas).
Corn pest decline may save farmers money
January 10, 2014
Eric Bohnenblust's latest publication shows that European corn borer populations in many parts of Pennsylvania are very low and growers may be able to earn greater profits growing competitive non-Bt hybrids.
Anjel Helms wins award for best talk
November 21, 2013
For the second year in a row, Anjel Helms (co-advised with Mark Mescher) was awarded the President Prize for her presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America. Her talk was titled: "Plant perception of herbivore odors: Exposure of host plants to the putative pheromone of a specialist herbivore primes indirect defenses"
Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut!
November 20, 2013
The Entomological Society of America awarded John its Early Career Innovation Award at the Annual Meeting of the Society in Austin, TX (Nov. 2013).
Maggie Douglas awarded a USDA Travel Grant
November 20, 2013
PhD Student Maggie Douglas was awarded a travel grant from the USDA and the Entomological Society of America to attend the Annual Meeting of the Society in Austin, TX (Nov 2013)
Anthony's bumble bee summer
August 22, 2013
Anthony provides an update on his recent happenings
Entomology is not for the faint of heart.
August 19, 2013
Lacy reflects on a summer of good fun
An eye-openning summer
August 6, 2013
Rosie's research experience has faced some challenges this summer, and she is better for it.
My Summer Experience: A Reflection
August 4, 2013
How working in the Tooker Lab has shaped me as a student, scientist, and person.
Herbicides influence more than plants
July 30, 2013
Eric briefly describes some of his work this summer
Knowledge acquired, knowledge applied
July 23, 2013
Undergraduate Emily is actually using what she is learning from working in the lab!
The Second Time Around Isn’t Always Lovelier
July 13, 2013
Sometimes we have no choice but to accept year-to-year variation
Hot time in the greenhouse
July 7, 2013
Ian has been spending time in the greenhouse rather than the field for better or worse
A brief break from research
July 7, 2013
Bug Camp provides a nice break from the daily slog (or slug).
Goldenrod research season is underway
June 19, 2013
'Tis the season to study goldenrod-insect interactions.
Leafhoppers, Ground Beetles and Slugs, Oh My...
June 14, 2013
The curiosity of our group of undergraduate assistants is catching...
Active learning
June 5, 2013
Undergraduate assistant Lacy Heberlig shares some insight on some of the things she has learned in her first few weeks with us.
Trial and error
May 27, 2013
Undergraduate assistant Tori Stipcak recaps her week (23 May 2013)
Cover story from Lancaster Farming
May 27, 2013
Lancaster Farming, a regional agricultural newspaper, covered our Berks County field walk for NE-SARE-funded project on cultivar mixtures, and put the article on the front page!
My Day at a Farm - May 15, 2013
May 17, 2013
Today I traveled with John and Andrew to a farm near Kutztown, PA. This farm is owned by Norman Burkholder, who is collaborating with John and Penn State Extension.
Plant sniffs out danger to prepare defenses against pesky insect
April 16, 2013
A plant may start to prime its defenses as soon as it gets a whiff of a male fly searching for a mate, according to Penn State entomologists.
Welcome to our new Lab website!
April 11, 2013
Please stay tuned for exciting news and information.