The Center for Pollinator Research has two awards to support undergraduate research.

The Apes Valentes Research Award supports student research in the Summer. The successful candidates will receive an award of up to $5000. Research, extension, education and outreach projects related to all aspects of pollinator biology and health are encouraged. (Application information) (2019 Awardees)

The Dutch Gold Honey Undergraduate Scholarship supports student research in the Fall semester, for $3000/student. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduates enrolled in the College of Agricultural Sciences who have completed or are registered for 300 and 400 level courses in Entomology. This award supports research in bee biology and health. (Application information)

The students will work with faculty members from the Center. A listing of interested faculty members is below. Students should contact the faculty members they are interested in working with as they are developing their applications, since a letter of support from the faculty member is required.