Tech-Transfer Program Lead

When March 3, 2021 1:00 PM to April 14, 2021 2:00 PM

Where Guelph, Ontario

Contact Melanie Kempers

Mission: OBA's Tech-Transfer Program is an extension and research program managed through the Ontario Beekeepers' Association.
A key role of this program is to increase the skill level of Ontario beekeepers via knowledge transfer using a variety of online and in person beekeeping workshops throughout the year, via presentations to local beekeeping associations across the province and as a leader and partner in applied research projects. The Tech-Transfer Program is also involved in a disease- and mite-resistant queen
breeding program. The OBA Tech-Transfer Program works as a team with the members working together on multiple projects throughout the beekeeping season.

Reports to: President, Ontario Beekeepers' AssociationScope: This position is for the lead role for the OBA Tech-Transfer Program. The successful candidate will be responsible for administering, planning and leading the activities of the program.

The OBA Tech-Transfer Specialist Leader and team works closely with the OBA Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee and other stakeholders and partners.

Major Job Activities:

• Administering, coordinating and managing all activities of the OBA Tech-Transfer Program.
• Establishing an annual plan and budget, monitoring progress and reporting on results.
• Developing and carrying out applied research projects related to improving the health of Ontario honey bees in the field and in the laboratory.
• Developing online curricula and teaching workshops and courses on a variety of topics related to apiculture. These workshops often require travel throughout the province of Ontario to multiple locations.
• Working directly with beekeepers in the field to conduct parasite and pathogen monitoring of honey bee colonies.
• Working directly with beekeepers in the field to conduct bioassays to assess the quality of honey bee stock in various regions of the province of Ontario as part of a long running honey bee breeding project.
• Authoring and researching funding opportunities for research projects.
• Management of TTP honey bee colonies for research projects.
• Evaluating a variety of treatments to honey bee colonies and collecting samples from honey bee colonies for analysis.
• Research proposal writing, report writing, presentations and record keeping.
• Presenting data from research projects to beekeepers, research scientists and the general public.
• Training summer students and co-workers in beekeeping practices and research activities.

Requirements and Qualifications:


Graduate degree or Bachelor of Science, with coursework in apiculture, entomology, biology, and/or agriculture.


• Three years or more of experience working with honey bees.
• Experience with project management, applied research in the field and experience in laboratory work.


• Thorough knowledge of the business of beekeeping and general beekeeping practices, including honey bee biology.
• Strong understanding of all influences on bee health including, pesticide/chemical exposure, parasite, beekeeping practices and disease management in apiculture.


• Ability to manage and work with honey bee colonies in the field.
• Strong project management skills and the ability to manage complex or multiple projects. Ability to develop and carry out applied research projects on honey bee parasites and pathogens in laboratory and field settings.
• Strong organizational skills.
• A team leader with the ability to give direction, lead, delegate and incorporate ideas from others.
• Ability to effectively communicate with a people from a wide variety of backgrounds and to synthesize, interpret and communicate complex scientific information to beekeepers and the general public.
• Ability to secure research grants and other funding for research projects.


This is a position through the Ontario Beekeepers' Association.
This position requires long hours during the field season (April to October) and may require work during some weekends and evenings.


Remuneration will be based on level of education, experience and credentials.

OBA Tech-Transfer Program Office location:
Orchard Park Office Centre
West Door C, Suite 185
5420 Highway 6 North
Guelph, ON N1H 6J2

How to Apply: Please submit application that includes a CV or résumé to the OBA at or by mail at:

Ontario Beekeepers' Association Membership Office
A102 - 490 York Road
Guelph, ON N1E 6V1