The P4 provides recommendations for best practices and resources to support and expand pollinator populations.

The P4 was developed with input from 36 individuals represented 28 state- and national organizations and stakeholder groups. It summarizes the current state of pollinators in Pennsylvania, and provides recommendations for best practices and resources to support and expand pollinator populations.

Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of species of pollinators (bees, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles), with over 500 species of bees alone. Pennsylvania also has one of the most diverse cropping systems in the United States, producing an array of fruit and vegetable crops that benefit from the services of pollinators.

In total, these crops contribute $260 million to Pennsylvania annually. Pennsylvania also spans a diversity of landscapes, encompassing natural, agricultural, suburban and urban landscapes, as well as over 100,000 acres of roadsides. However, pollinator populations in Pennsylvania are experiencing several challenges, with beekeepers reporting 52% losses of their colonies in the winter of 2016-2017, and 51 species of butterflies, 111 species of moths, and 3 species of bumble bees considered to be at risk.

The Pennsylvania Pollinator Protection Plan (P4) is a living document that provides current information on the status of pollinators in Pennsylvania, state-specific practical recommendations for supporting and expanding these populations in the different types of landscapes in Pennsylvania, and describes the current programs and efforts of diverse institutions and stakeholder groups to support pollinators.

1. Introduction
2. Best Practices for Forage and Habitat
3. Best Practices for Pesticide Use
4. Best Practices for Beekeepers
5. Recommendations

The P4 will be continuously updated as new information, recommendations, and programs arise. We welcome your suggestions and comments on the P4, as well as recommendations for areas of research, outreach, education and policy.

Need to cite the P4? Our plan is archived in PSU's Scholarsphere database (DOI: 10.26207/vvs7-nc72), and can be referenced accordingly:

Pennsylvania Pollinator Health Task Force. 2017. The Pennsylvania Pollinator Protection Plan.