This course is an introduction to the field identification and ecology of herbaceous and woody plants of the central Appalachian region.

LArch 497A (3 credits)

Thursdays 9am - 12pm
Schedule #: 379627
329 Stuckeman Family Building

We will focus on field characteristics of common plants and learn how to identify them to the level of species, if possible.

This class is entirely field based and we will be taking field trips each and every week, regardless of the weather. Some trips will be within walking distance, others will require a van. As such, class enrollment is limited to 13 students.

There will be weekly quizzes of both common and scientific names. You will also develop a digital plant collection by the end of the semester. As the seasons change, certain plants die back and others come into flower. The end of the semester will likely be an examination of winter characteristics.

Please join us for a weekly exercise in botanizing!