Interactive CDs and Software

  • Apitherapy, CD-ROM (Apiservices, France 33-055-305-9113)

  • Bug Adventure, DOS or Windows, ages 3-8 (Knowledge Adventure 800-542-4240)

  • Bug Basement, DOS, CD-ROM (Knowledge Adventure 800-542-4240)

  • Discovering Insects, DOS (Order through Douglas E. Drenkow, Drenkow Media, 10306 E. Live Oak Ave., Arcadia, CA 91007)

  • Grasshopper Dissection, Cross Education Software, 318-255-8921

  • Insectile Font Set, DOS or MAC (P22 type Foundry, PO Box 770 West Side Station, Buffalo, NY 14213-0770; 1-800-P22-5080)

  • Insects: A World of Diversity, CD (CSRIO Publishing, 150 Oxford St., Collingwood, Vic. 3066, Australia)

  • Insect Lore Web site

  • SimAnt, MAC or DOS (Maxis, 800-33Maxis)