Build-A-Bug Contest Winners

Over 120 models were entered in the 2009 Great Insect Fair. Models were constructed at home and judged at the Insect Fair by three Penn State entomologists.

BAB Winner Will Daubenspeck   BAB Winner Cole Daubenspeck   Patrick Levin BAB winner   BAB Winner Liza Levin

Above are 4 of the Build-A-Bug winners from the 2009 Great Insect Fair: Will Daubenspeck, Cole Daubenspeck, Patrick Levin, and Liza Levin.

Voting by the public for a Crowd Favorite Award was also held. This year's Crowd Favorite Award was given to Deven Shah. (image not available)

Listing of winners:

1- Willow Martin- Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly (image)
2- Allen Dunham
3- State College Friends School- Assortment of Butterflies

1st Grade:
1- Liza Levin- Blue Morpho Butterfly
2- JoHannah Walters- Common Walking Stick (image)
3- Noelle Ledford- Honeybee (image)

2nd Grade:
1- Trey Crowley- Red-Kneed Tarantula
2- Brizhette Jung
3- Trestan McCalpin- Oil Beetle

3rd Grade:
1- Timothy Crowley- Wolf Spider
2- Patrick Levin- Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (image)
3- Joshua McClelland

4th Grade:
1- Caleb McGee- Bald Face Hornet
2- Nathan Alban and Chris Scalies- Scolopendrid Centipede (image)
3- Deven Shah

5th Grade:
1- Trey Koehle- Monarch Butterfly
2- Cole Daubenspeck- Water Strider Nymph (image)
3- Velanna Skripek

6th Grade:
2-Will Daubenspeck- Wheel Bug Nymph
3- Ruthie Grumbine- Net-Winged Beetle (image)