Build-A-Bug Teacher Resources


These Guides were designed for 4H groups but the information and activities are easily adapted to the classroom. These are pdf files which can be downloaded.

Bug Camp Video & Manual:

  • Hosting a Bug Camp For Kids - $35.00 (15:50 minute video) This video and manual will be a valuable resources if you are interested in teaching children about the wonderful world of insects.The Penn State Entomology Department offers a Bug Camp for Kids each summer which introduces children aged 8-11 to insect biology and ecology. Bug Camp is four days long, but shorter or longer camps can be developed depending upon your interest and staffing. Campers spend much of their time outdoors observing insects in their natural habitats. They also play games, perform skits, and do a wide variety of other activities centered on insects. Campers leave Bug Camp with a greater appreciation for the insect world. Contact the Entomology Department at 814-865-1896 or email for more information.

Websites as Resources: