Landscapes for Honey Bees

Identifying landscape features that promote honey bee health through a beekeeper-scientist partnership.

What are we doing?

Although beekeepers have long known that the location of an apiary is important for colony productivity and survival, little research has gone into understanding which landscape features relate to good apiary sites. Working in partnership with interested beekeepers from Pennsylvania and surrounding states, we will evaluate colony health and landscape quality to gain insights into what makes a good, and bad, apiary site. Our results are intended to help inform land managers, growers, and beekeepers about optimum resources for bees.

Who is involved?

This project is a collaboration between Penn State's Center for Pollinator Research and Center for Environmental Informatics, Franklin and Marshall College, and the PA State Beekeepers Association.

Can I get involved?

Yes! We are looking for interested beekeepers in Pennsylvania and surrounding states to be a part of this project.

Interested beekeeping clubs may also consider participating in the Bee Informed Partnership's Sentinel Apiary Project

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