Extension Unplugged: Communicating Entomology to Amish and Mennonite Communities in Pennsylvania
December 19, 2018
Today, extension agents are more plugged in and wired than ever, producing YouTube videos, writing blogs, and even tweeting to reach their communities. Pennsylvanian extension agents are riding this new technological wave while at the same time keeping a foot in the past to best serve one of their largest constituent communities: Amish and Mennonite communities, also known as Plain Communities
Asian tick that clones itself could spread fast and far in the US, study says
December 19, 2018
The Asian longhorned tick most likely began invading the United States years ago. Now found in nine states, the tick may soon occupy a large swath of eastern North America as well as coastal regions of the Pacific Northwest, according to research published Thursday in the Journal of Medical Entomology.
Invasive bug goes viral for hitching ride on Christmas trees
December 19, 2018
It's colorful to look at unless it's hatching in your house! The spotted lantern fly has become a big problem for crops in some mid-Atlantic states, and now is making headlines for clinging to Christmas trees in those infested areas.
Dicamba drift affects non-target plants and pollinators
December 5, 2018
Dicamba herbicide drift onto plants growing adjacent to farm fields causes significant delays in flowering, as well as reduced flowering, of those plants, and results in decreased visitation by honey bees, according to researchers at Penn State and the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.
How we can contain the spotted lanternfly — maybe the worst invasive pest in generations | Opinion
December 5, 2018
You may have heard about them. They invade our natural habitats and managed landscapes, our farms and forests, our yards and gardens — and sometimes our homes. They raise our anxiety as they cause ecological and economic damage, threaten our health, and force costly responses from government agencies, industry sectors, and research institutions.
Penn State earns 'Bee Campus USA' certification
December 5, 2018
University Park is 55th institution to join other educational campuses for the benefit of pollinators across the nation
'Eclectic Collections' exhibit features mix of Penn State museum offerings
December 4, 2018
Penn State’s University Museum Consortium is hosting a public reception to celebrate "Eclectic Collections," a collaborative exhibit between University museums and galleries.
Glowing on the Golf Course: Fluorescent Imaging Reveals Turfgrass Pest’s Most Active Period
November 30, 2018
A new step forward in managing a pernicious pest of golf course putting greens comes with an assist from an unlikely source: marine biology.
Christmas tree growers battle fear of spotted lanternfly
November 26, 2018
Andrew and Donna Cole say they have yet to see spotted lanternfly on their New Jersey farm.
Gates Foundation grant to support research on satellite crop surveillance
November 20, 2018
A research team in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has received a Grand Challenges Explorations grant — an initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Penn State team gets $100,000 grant for satellite crop surveillance
November 14, 2018
A research team in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences has received a $100,000 Grand Challenges Explorations grant — an initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Anopheles mosquitoes could spread Mayaro virus in U.S., other diverse regions
November 12, 2018
Mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles are well known as primary vectors of malaria. But a new study suggests that Anopheles species, including some found in the United States, also are capable of carrying and transmitting an emerging pathogen, Mayaro virus, which has caused outbreaks of disease in South America and the Caribbean.
Spiders get unfair rep as creepy creatures
November 7, 2018
It’s no wonder that many of us two-leggers get the heebie-jeebies at the sight of spiders. With their far-too-many legs, shiny or furry bodies — often painted with cryptic symbols — and mechanical, creeping movements, they seem alien next to soft, clumsy human bodies.
To fight dreaded mushroom flies, Penn State to hire new researcher
November 7, 2018
Entomologists at Pennsylvania State University are poised to hire a researcher to act as a liaison for Chester County residents besieged by aggressive mushroom flies.
Get to know the spotted lanternfly
November 7, 2018
The Clinton County commissioners got a lesson on the spotted lanternfly on Monday. Tom Butzler, a horticulture extension educator for the Penn State University Cooperative Extension, talked about the invasive insect from Asia that may be found on imported Christmas trees brought to the state and gave a presentation on keeping the pest contained.
Citizens play a vital role in spotted lanternfly management efforts
October 31, 2018
"The only good lanternfly is a dead lanternfly." That's JoAnn DeCesar's mantra as she routinely patrols her property in Berks County, looking for the spotted lanternfly, an invasive insect that is causing hardships for people in southeastern Pennsylvania by feasting on plants, excreting sticky "honeydew" and swarming public areas.
Grad Student Reads: The Professor Is In
October 31, 2018
If you are a graduate student and you want to get a job in academia, then you need The Professor Is In: The Essential Guide to Turning Your Ph.D. into a Job. Also, if you’re a graduate student like me, and you might be interested in academia but you really have no idea what kind of a job you’re heading towards, then this is still a really useful book.
Senior class chooses Pollinator’s Garden Entry Gate as 2019 class gift
October 26, 2018
Penn State’s class of 2019 has chosen as its class gift legacy the Pollinators’ Garden Entry Gate at the Arboretum at Penn State.
Eastern US States: Grape growers combating spotted lanternfly
October 24, 2018
While the dreaded spotted lanternfly has mostly been seen in the counties of eastern Pennsylvania, it is spreading quickly and is feeding on orchards and vineyards.
Central Pa. Growers And Researchers Work To Stop The Spotted Lanternfly
October 24, 2018
Happy Valley Vineyard and Winery owner Barbara Christ stands among ten acres of grapevines on neat rows of trellises.
From Agriculture to Art — the A.I. Wave Sweeps In
October 22, 2018
The internet is a technology of low-cost communication and connection. Everything from email to e-commerce to social networks has hinged on the internet’s transformative role in changing the economics of communication. All those connections suddenly became both possible and cheap.
Penn State Beekeepers Club fosters importance of honey bees
October 15, 2018
A club in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences is creating quite a buzz around campus.
Crawling Dead: How Ants Turn Into Zombies
October 10, 2018
Allow us to explain the gruesome process by which ordinary ants become the pawns of an insidious and spectacularly clever fungus.
Duquesne, Penn State researchers genetically alter mosquitoes to fight malaria
October 10, 2018
Preventing malaria requires multiple approaches — vaccine development, new pesticides and bed-net technologies with a current focus on sterilizing male mosquitoes and manipulating the genomes of female mosquitoes to kill off the malarial parasites they carry.
Grape growers feeling brunt of spotted lanternfly effects
October 10, 2018
Expert says adult spotted laternfly females are currently laying eggs for next year.
Penn State Altoona students help protect monarch butterfly species
October 9, 2018
Every fall, hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies make their way from the United States and Canada to overwintering sites in Mexico. In recent years, this phenomenal migration is threatened by habitat loss in North America and at their overwintering grounds, so people across the continent have been setting up monarch way stations to help protect this species.
America Isn’t Ready for the Lanternfly Invasion
October 3, 2018
A bizarre pest from Asia is spreading fast and putting billions of dollars’ worth of resources at risk.
The Pest Management Professional Magazine has announced their 2018 Hall of Fame
October 2, 2018
The Pest Management Professional Magazine (PMP) staff is pleased to announce the five newest nominees for the PMP Hall of Fame.
Report spotted lanternfly sightings
September 26, 2018
In the past week, there have been numerous sightings of spotted lanternfly in Ephrata Borough, Ephrata Township, Akron Borough, West Cocalico Township and Clay Township, according to Chief William Harvey, Ephrata borough emergency management coordinator and spotted lanternfly instructor for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.
Master Gardeners lend expertise, support to spotted lanternfly fight
September 26, 2018
With home gardening season now in the rear-view mirror, Penn State Extension Master Gardeners in Berks County thought calls to their garden hotline would wind down a bit, as in years past.
Fruit research and extension projects receive funding from industry groups
September 24, 2018
The State Horticultural Association of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Apple Program recently awarded nearly $233,000 in funding to support new and ongoing fruit research and extension projects in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.
Andrew Read named director of the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences
September 21, 2018
Andrew Read has been appointed director of the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences at Penn State effective Jan. 1, 2019. Read is an Evan Pugh University Professor of Biology and Entomology, Eberly Professor of Biotechnology and director of the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics.
Great Insect Fair will put bugs on center stage at Penn State
September 19, 2018
Everything insect, from edible bug-based treats to bug-centered games and crafts to an insect zoo of strange creatures, will pack Snider Agricultural Arena at Penn State's University Park for the Department of Entomology's annual Great Insect Fair from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, September 22.
Pest Management Recommendations for Spotted Lanternfly
September 19, 2018
Penn State University Extension recently updated conventional spray recommendations for spotted lanternfly in both grape and tree fruit.
Tracking the Health of Feral Bees in PA, 2018
September 17, 2018
Since 2016 the López-Uribe lab has been leading a citizen science project that aims to map and characterize the health status of feral bees across Pennsylvania
Program combines mobile devices and the outdoors in an unlikely pairing
September 13, 2018
In the age of digital technology, mobile devices are good for more than just text messaging and playing games. According to Penn State College of Education researchers, the combination of technology and the outdoors is getting children and their families outside to learn more about science and their communities.
Will Hurricane Florence smash the monarch butterfly migration in Pennsylvania?
September 12, 2018
Nearing the end of what anecdotally appears to have been a strong summer for the monarch butterfly population in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, the butterflies are coming up on time for their fall migration to mountains in central Mexico, just as Hurricane Florence is expected to smash into the region.
Spotted lanternfly expert provides tips for home management of pest
September 12, 2018
With Labor Day come and gone, many people are starting to dread the thought of cold temperatures and snowy days to come.
How Humans Are Messing Up Bee Sex
September 12, 2018
From pesticides to land development to electromagnetic pollution, humans often harm the ability of honeybees to reproduce.
Sterner, Grozinger recognized as outstanding postdoc and mentor
September 10, 2018
The Penn State Postdoctoral Society has announced postdoctoral researcher Glen Sterner III and Distinguished Professor of Entomology Christina Grozinger as the recipients of the 2018 Outstanding Postdoc Award and Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award, respectively.
Healthy Soil Can Suppress Plant Pests, to a Point
September 5, 2018
Healthy soil + happy plants = healthy soil, unhappy pests. It’s a formula that seemingly works as a growing number of America’s farmers are using soil health management systems to improve the function of their growing medium.
Lanternfly Researchers Seek Numbers on Damage
September 5, 2018
Strictly speaking, one spotted lanternfly in Pennsylvania is one lanternfly too many.
What makes spotted lanternflies tick? Researchers hope to learn
September 5, 2018
Researchers and bureaucrats bent to examine the blackened leaves of poplar trees and inspected the ailing Virginia creeper racing up the walls of a Berks County home.
Tick-Borne Disease on the Rise in Centre County
September 4, 2018
Centre County residents have more than just Lyme disease to worry about when it comes to tick bites, as Mount Nittany Medical Center has reported an increase in cases of anaplasmosis in recent months.
Brandywine professors raise awareness about Pennsylvania's newest pest
August 31, 2018
There’s a new insect causing a “buzz” in the northeastern United States — and two Brandywine faculty members have joined a University-wide effort to educate the public.
Penn State asks visitors to help 'stop the spread' of spotted lanternfly - Insect poses nearly $18 billion threat to Pennsylvania agriculture
August 30, 2018
The start of the academic year and football season brings thousands of students, families and fans to University Park, and Penn State wants to make sure those visitors are not chauffeuring a certain unwanted guest.
TREE Fund grant allows rights-of-way research to continue
August 29, 2018
Penn State Altoona has been awarded a grant for year one of a four-year research project from the Tree Research and Education Endowment (TREE) Fund. The grant will support research evaluating long-term effects of electrical right-of-way vegetation management on floral and faunal communities.
Plant virus alters competition between aphid species
August 23, 2018
In the world of plant-feeding insects, who shows up first to the party determines the overall success of the gathering; yet viruses can disrupt these intricate relationships, according to researchers at Penn State.
The Entomological Society of America Names Winners of 2018 Professional and Student Awards
August 22, 2018
Please join us in congratulating Margarita Lope-Uribe who is the recipient of the Early Career Research Award. This award recognizes a student transition or early professional who has made outstanding research contributions to the field of entomology.
Beer, wine at risk from spotted lanternfly invasion
August 22, 2018
As the invasive insect also has a proclivity for fruit plants, particularly grapes, that means the main ingredients of both beer and wine are now in its sights.
Genetically modified mosquitoes may be best weapon for curbing disease transmission
August 20, 2018
Mosquitoes are some of the most deadly creatures on the planet. They carry viruses, bacteria and parasites, which they transmit through bites, infecting some 700 million people and killing more than 1 million each year.
Penn State helps to assemble expert task force to combat spotted lanternfly
August 13, 2018
Led by Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, interdisciplinary group ramping-up research, public awareness efforts
New technology improves CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing in mosquitoes, other species
August 13, 2018
A technology designed to improve CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing in mosquitoes and other arthropods succeeds with a high degree of efficiency, while eliminating the need for difficult microinjection of genetic material, according to researchers.
Native? Exotic? Do We Care? Squash Bees
August 8, 2018
Entomologist and urban bee specialist Doug Sponsler joins Billy and Tony early in the morning in a community garden spot in West Philadelphia to observe squash bees and talk about what counts as native. Squash are not strictly native to Philadelphia. They were introduced by Indians before European colonization. The bees followed the squash cultivation from its original distribution. Are they native? How much does it matter?
2019 Graduate Student Recruitment Weekend
August 7, 2018
By invitation only - Travel expenses for eligible applicants will be paid by the Penn State Entomology Department. Apply by December 14th for priority consideration!
Spotted lanternfly headlines College Exhibits Building at Ag Progress Days
August 3, 2018
The looming threat posed by the invasive spotted lanternfly will take center stage in the College of Agricultural Sciences Exhibits Building and Theatre during Penn State's Ag Progress Days, Aug. 14-16.
Gluttonous grubs: Insecticide efficacy in turfgrass is focus of study
August 3, 2018
Lack of "cute factor" aside, what athletic field managers, golf course superintendents and homeowners find most repulsive about these tiny beetle larvae is their voracious appetite for grass roots, and the insidious way they go about satisfying their craving, feeding below the surface, undetected for months.
What you need to know about the new invasive tick species found in Centre County
August 2, 2018
State health and agriculture officials are urging the public to be vigilant in checking humans and animals for ticks after a new invasive species was found in Centre County.
Faculty Spotlight: Cristina Rosa
August 1, 2018
This is the 10th of eleven short news articles written by students, during the professional development class. This year we had the students interview their advisor(s), in an effort to help them better understand the larger context of their projects.
Helping pollinators highlighted at Ag Progress Days Yard and Garden Area
July 31, 2018
The benefits of creating pollinator-friendly landscapes is a focus of the Yard and Garden Area this year at Ag Progress Days, Aug. 14-16.
Dr. Christina Grozinger elected as Fellow of the Entomological Society of America
July 31, 2018
The Governing Board of the Entomological Society of America (ESA) has elected 10 new Fellows of the Society for 2018. Election as a Fellow of ESA acknowledges outstanding contributions to entomology in research, teaching, extension and outreach, administration, or the military.
Pollinator Panic: Interdisciplinary team creates pollinator education video game
July 30, 2018
Communicating the intricate structure of pollinator communities can be a difficult task, but thanks to a collaboration between the School of Visual Arts and the Center for Pollinator Research at Penn State, there is a new tool that could have success both inside and outside of the classroom.
Survey: Pollination Services of Blueberries in the Mid-Atlantic Region
July 30, 2018
If you grow blueberries on your farm, please consider participating in this short survey.
Experts: Invasive tick likely in state
July 30, 2018
An exotic tick turning up in some neighboring states has yet to be documented in Pennsylvania, but two Penn State professors researching the invasive bloodsucker say it’s probably here, too.
Calvin assumes new leadership role in combating spotted lanternfly threat
July 20, 2018
Dennis Calvin, director of Penn State Extension and associate dean in the College of Agricultural Sciences since 2009, has assumed a new role overseeing the college's efforts to combat the invasive spotted lanternfly. His appointment, which comes with the title of associate dean and director of special programs, was effective July 1.
Faculty Spotlight: David Hughes
July 18, 2018
This is the 9th of eleven short news articles written by students, during the professional development class. This year we had the students interview their advisor(s), in an effort to help them better understand the larger context of their projects.
Art of Discovery - Zombie Ants augmented reality
July 13, 2018
Zombies are real—and they'll be at Penn State's Art of Discovery Booth at the Arts Festival from 11 to 1 p.m on July 13. Learn how a parasitic fungus turns ants into its mindless zombie servants through multimedia sculpture and augmented reality!
Buzzworthy: Dickinson College using grant to save bees
July 13, 2018
A field of flowers in Carlisle isn't being grown for its beauty. It's a pollinator garden and is now being used for bigger research.
Faculty Spotlight: Margarita López-Uribe and Heather Hines
July 12, 2018
This is the 8th of eleven short news articles written by students, during the professional development class. This year we had the students interview their advisor(s), in an effort to help them better understand the larger context of their projects.
Buzzing Hard, Part 2
July 10, 2018
It’s not just about honey. Cities are full of bees, and in this double episode we hear about Brisbane bees and the Australian native alternative to European honey bees from Tim Heard of Sugarbag Bees, we talk with urban bee researcher Scott MacIvor from Toronto, and we go on an urban bee field trip on top of a chocolate factory with researcher Doug Sponsler and bee keeper Don Shump of the Philadelphia Bee Company.
Penn State faculty members use visual arts, multimedia, and technology to communicate research in new ways.
July 10, 2018
David Hughes, Penn State professor of entomology and biology, studies the effects of something that sounds like it’s straight out of a science fiction story: a fungus that infects living ants, takes control of their muscles against their will, and forces the ant to become a mindless zombie driven to help spread the fungus to take over even more ants. Now, “The Zombie Ant Experience,” an installation in the Millennium Science Complex at University Park, brings this research to life through art.
Keep an eye out for the spotted lanternfly, an invasive insect found in PA
July 5, 2018
Some of you may have heard of the spotted lanternfly. Even if you have, I want to revisit this insect pest to enlist you in the effort to monitor its movement in our area.
Insect Invaders: Perils of Global Trade
July 5, 2018
As Japan rebuilt its economy in the decades following World War II, it shipped goods to U.S. consumers who loved the low prices. In more recent decades, China has taken Japan’s role as the low-cost shipper to the U.S. The way Hannah Burrack sees it, it just makes sense we have all these invasive pests from Asia.
Faculty Spotlight: Matt Thomas & Beth McGraw
June 28, 2018
This is the 7th of eleven short news articles written by students, during the professional development class. This year we had the students interview their advisor(s), in an effort to help them better understand the larger context of their projects.
Why it’s time to curb widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides
June 27, 2018
Planting season for corn and soybeans across the U.S. corn belt is drawing to a close. As they plant, farmers are participating in what is likely to be one of the largest deployments of insecticides in United States history.
An invisible world: Explore the life of 'Zombie Ants' at the Arts Festival
June 26, 2018
When Daryl Branford — one of the minds behind the groundbreaking multimedia instillation “The Zombie Ant Experience” — first came to Penn State in the 90s, it was the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts that convinced him Penn State was the place for him.
'Nuru' becomes African farmers' newest ally against fall armyworm
June 26, 2018
Penn State and the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization launch new mobile app to fight fast-spreading pest
Scientists find evidence of 27 new viruses in bees
June 22, 2018
Study represents largest effort to date to identify novel pathogens in global bee populations. An international team of researchers has discovered evidence of 27 previously unknown viruses in bees. The finding could help scientists design strategies to prevent the spread of viral pathogens among these important pollinators.
Spotted Lanternfly impacts eastern vineyards
June 21, 2018
The spotted lanternfly is starting to sour the grape and wine industries in southeastern Pennsylvania, and research underway in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences aims to spoil the invasive pest's party.
State, federal agriculture officials will host live Q&A on invasive spotted lanternfly
June 21, 2018
What do you want to know about the invasive spotted lanternfly?
Lanternfly's penchant for -- and potential to harm -- grapevines focus of study
June 15, 2018
The spotted lanternfly is starting to sour the grape and wine industries in southeastern Pennsylvania, and research underway in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences aims to spoil the invasive pest's party.
Faculty Spotlight: John Tooker
June 14, 2018
This is the 6th of eleven short news articles written by students, during the professional development class. This year we had the students interview their advisor(s), in an effort to help them better understand the larger context of their projects.
Extreme form of mange spreading among Pennsylvania black bears
June 13, 2018
An army of microscopic critters is interrupting life for many of Pennsylvania’s black bears.
Vineyard helping researchers understand damage lanternflies can do
June 13, 2018
Winery owner Darvin Levengood is no fan of the spotted lanternfly, an invasive insect that can wreak havoc on grapes.
What Can Bees Teach Us About Building Better Urban Ecosystems?
June 11, 2018
Vacant land and urban agriculture are rejuvenating wild bee populations. Bees love cities. What can cities do to love them back?
Penn State scientists spotlight spotted lanternfly research on Capitol Hill
June 8, 2018
As the emergence of the spotted lanternfly continues to threaten portions of Pennsylvania’s agricultural industry, two researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences who are studying the invasive insects joined colleagues from more than 20 universities on Capitol Hill today (June 6) to show members of Congress and their staffs the importance of funding agricultural research.
$90,000 state grant to help study infestation of Chesco mushroom flies
June 7, 2018
On Thanksgiving 2015, Margo Woodacre had to send her family home on empty stomachs. A month later, Barbara and David Runkle were unable to put up their Christmas tree. In the years since, neighbors have worn out vacuum belts, spent untold amounts of money on black lights, and become amateur experts on homeopathic pesticides.
Zombie fungus enslaves ants based on climate conditions
June 7, 2018
A fungus that turns ants into zombies has survived the global shift from tropical to temperate forests by subtly altering its victims’ behaviour.
Zombie ants’ final resting place sealed by the trees
June 7, 2018
A fungus that turns infected ants into powerless ‘zombies’ has adapted to climate conditions in different locales by modifying its victims’ behaviour.
Ticks and mosquitoes are bringing more diseases. How can you protect yourself?
June 4, 2018
Cases of vector-borne disease have more than doubled in the U.S. since 2004, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported, with mosquitoes and ticks bearing most of the blame.
AlumnInsider Exclusive: Nina Jenkins Will Share the Ingenious Power of Penn State at City Lights
June 1, 2018
In an exclusive story for AlumnInsider, Nina Jenkins shares insight into her groundbreaking research.
Faculty Spotlight: Beth McGraw
May 31, 2018
This is the 5th of eleven short news articles written by students, during the professional development class. This year we had the students interview their advisor(s), in an effort to help them better understand the larger context of their projects.
Climate change forced zombie ant fungi to adapt
May 30, 2018
Zombie ants clamp on to aerial vegetation and hang for months spewing the spores of their parasitic fungi, but researchers noticed that they do not always clamp on to the same part of the plant. Now the researchers know that the choice of leaves or twigs is related to climate and that climate change forced the fungi to adapt to local conditions.
Native Bees prove their worth
May 23, 2018
Story and photos by Jim Hale
Mange in Bears in Pennsylvania Reaches Epidemic Rate
May 23, 2018
Over a lifetime, some Lancaster County residents may have seen a fox with mange. Hunters may have glimpsed an infected coyote. It's a horrible sight with clumps of hair missing from the beautiful animals.
Answer for controlling stink bug population may rest with other pests
May 23, 2018
Penn State researchers think they might be able to solve, or at least control, the invasion of stink bugs — those shield-shaped invaders from the Far East that seemingly have become permanent residents in Southwestern Pennsylvania.
A caterpillar outwits corn defenses by gorging on fattening ‘junk’ food
May 23, 2018
The crop plants recruit zombie-maker wasps, but one pest has a desperate work-around
PDA Joins USDA, Penn State to Combat Spotted Lanternfly
May 23, 2018
On the heels of the first Spotted Lanternfly hatch of the season, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the United Stated Department of Agriculture, and Penn State University today warned of its potential $18 billion impact on the commonwealth’s businesses, trade and economy.
Ticks and mosquitoes bringing more diseases – what can we do?
May 23, 2018
Cases of vector-borne disease have more than doubled in the U.S. since 2004, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported, with mosquitoes and ticks bearing most of the blame.
Lanternflies Eat Everything in Sight. The U.S. Is Looking Delicious.
May 21, 2018
To most people, the buds and sprouts of April are welcome heralds of spring. But to some farmers and scientists in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania, these signs mark the beginning of a long season of dread.