Our Augmented Reality Coloring Page

Posted: December 10, 2015

If you are familiar with the recent trend in augmented reality coloring pages, here is one we developed with a company called QuiverVision just for kids (young and not-so-young)!

Download this granary weevil image, print it out and color it in with coloring pencils or crayons. If you'd like to see your coloring image come to life on a mobile device, download the free "Quiver" app from the Google Play store or from iTunes. Next, aim your mobile device camera toward the image and watch your image come to life.

This educational coloring page also has an option to toggle between the 3-D image of the weevil and the colored-in version (rainbow squiggle), as well as a voice-over option with information about the granary weevil (speaker), and a quiz (Q) to see how well you know entomology. To see a close-up of the weevil, try to click on the weevil that you colored in. Be quick because they're fast!

Download this granary weevil image