International Symposium on Functional Genomic Tools in Honey Bees

Posted: July 13, 2011

Penn State's Department of Entomology and Center for Pollinator Research are hosting the "International Symposium on Functional Genomic Tools in Honey Bees". The symposium will feature 22 speakers from 8 countries, who will discuss recent advances in using genomic tools to study epigenetics, social behavior and polyphenisms in honey bees and other social insects.

The symposium will be held on Saturday, August 6 in room 112 of the Forest Resources Building at Penn State's University Park campus.  Registration is free, but we ask you to sign up online by July 15th.  Please see the website for more information, or contact  Christina Grozinger.

The symposium (and the associated short course on RNAi technology) is generously funded by a grant from the Research Council of Norway.

For more information, please see the attached pdf of the program.