Entomology Minor

The Entomology minor requires 18 credits in approved courses, in addition to the major requirements of the students' choice. Appropriate course substitutions may be considered with minor adviser approval.

The minor in Entomology is primarily designed for (but not restricted to) students in the Agroecology major seeking additional studies in the entomological sciences. Successful completion of this minor area of study will help prepare students for graduate studies in entomology and related fields.

Course Requirements

  • ENT 313 (2) Introduction to Entomology
  • AGECO 457 (3) Integrated Pest Management
  • ENT 314 (1) Management of Insect Pests of Ornamentals OR ENT 316 (1) Field Crops Entomology

Minimum 6 credits from:

  • ENT 410 (3) Insect Structure and Function
  • ENT 432 (4) Insect Biodiversity and Evolution
  • ENT 420 (3) Introduction to Population Dynamics
  • Students must have a minimum of 3 credits of:
  • ENT 496 (3) Independent Study

Minimum 3 credits from:

  • AGECO 201 (3) Introductory Agroecology
  • BIOL 222 (3) Genetics
  • BIOL 427 (3) Evolution
  • PPATH 405 (3) Microbe-Plant Interactions: Plant Disease and Biological Control

Procedures for Enrollment

Students may apply for admission into the Entomology minor by completing and submitting an Entrance to Minor Form. Approval by the student's major program adviser is required. For additional information, contact the program coordinator, Dr. John Tooker,