Penn State Entomology is a community of faculty, staff, and students who collaborate to conduct and support outstanding research in insect science—an interdisciplinary life science that improves human health, quality of life, and food and ecosystems sustainability.

Name Title Email Phone
Flor Edith Acevedo Assistant professor of Entomology/Arthropod ecology
Jared Gregory Ali, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Entomology 814-865-0240
Etya Amsalem, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Entomology 814-863-7675
Kate Anton Research Technologist 814-865-9806
Andrew Aschwanden Research Technologist 814-867-4191
Mary Barbercheck, Ph.D. Professor of Entomology 814-863-2982
David John Biddinger, Ph.D. Tree Fruit Research Entomologist 717-677-6116
Ottar Bjornstad, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Entomology and Biology 814-863-2983
Natalie Boyle Assistant Research Professor 814-863-3974
Andrew R. Deans, Ph.D. Professor 814-863-2863
Gary W. Felton, Ph.D. Professor and Department Head of Entomology
Ellen Fisher Administrative Support Assistant 814-865-1895
Shelby Fleischer, Ph.D. Professor of Entomology 814-863-7788
Christina Grozinger, Ph.D. Publius Vergilius Maro Professor of Entomology 814-865-2214
Sara Hermann, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Arthropod Ecology and Trophic Interactions 814-865-8321
Heather Hines, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology and Entomology 814-863-8830
Kelli Hoover, Ph.D. Professor of Entomology 814-863-6369
David P. Hughes, Ph.D. Dorothy Foehr Huck and J. Lloyd Huck Chair in Global Food Security 814-863-6073
Melissa Ishler Research Technologist 814-863-5720
Nina Jenkins Research Professor 814-865-2483
Annaylse Kehs PlantVillage Operations Director
Grzegorz (Greg) Krawczyk, Ph.D. Extension Tree Fruit Entomologist 717-677-6116
Dion Lerman, MPH, ACE, HHS Environmental Health Programs Specialist 215-264-0582
Ju-Che (Peter) Lo Research Technologist 814-863-4444
David Long 814-865-5581
Margarita López-Uribe, Ph.D. Lorenzo L. Langstroth Early Career Professor 814-865-8245
Erika T. Machtinger, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Entomology 814-865-9162
Arash (Feizollah) Maleki Research Technologist 814-865-3423
Nate McCartney Research Technician II
Peter McCloskey Research Data Analyst
Francine McCullough Research Technologist 814-863-3668
Ben McGraw, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Turfgrass Science 814-865-1138
Christina Mullen Research Technologist 2 814-863-2981
Andrew Myrick Assistant Research Professor
Harland Patch, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor 814-867-3023
Michelle Peiffer Research Support Assistant 814-865-1463
Isabella Petitta Research Technologist 814-865-8245
Laura Porturas Assistant Curator
Ed Rajotte, Ph.D. Professor of Entomology and IPM Coordinator 814-863-4641
Jason L Rasgon, Ph.D. Professor of Entomology and Disease Epidemiology 814-863-3668
Andrew Read, Ph.D. Director, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences 814-867-2396
Tanya Renner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Entomology 814-863-5752
Amelia Romo Research Technologist
Richard Roush Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences 814-865-2541
Joyce M. Sakamoto, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor 814-863-3662
Rudolf Schilder, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Entomology and Biology
Michael J. Skvarla Assistant Research Professor of Arthropod Identification 814-865-3256
Erika Stover Administrative Manager 814-863-7344
Sherri Taylor Financial Assistant 814-865-1462
John Tooker, Ph.D. Professor of Entomology 814-865-7082
James H. Tumlinson, Ph.D. Ralph O. Mumma Professor of Entomology 814-863-1770
Robyn Underwood Assistant Research Professor
Julie Urban Associate Research Professor 814-863-4444
Michael Wolfin Assistant Research Professor 814-863-3877
Fang (Rose) Zhu, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Entomology 814-863-4432