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Professional and scientific turfgrass books and manuals

Handbook of Turfgrass Insect Pests

Editors: Rick L. Brandenburg and Michael G. Villani
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Edited by Rick Brandenburg and Callie Freeman, the highly anticipated second edition of the best-selling Handbook of Turfgrass Insects contains the most current, thorough, and practical information covering all aspects of turfgrass insect management in a streamlined format. All major insect pests and mites of warm- and cool-season turfgrasses in the United States are addressed. Extensive use of color photos of various insects and the turf damage they cause along with illustrations of insect life stages in their actual size, life cycle charts, and distribution maps aid in accurate identification, diagnostics, and management.

Managing Turfgrass Pests

By Thomas L. Watschke, Peter H. Dernoeden, and David J. Shetlar
Reference - 519 Pages - 279 Color Illustrations
ISBN 9781466555075 - CAT# K15349

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Brief Description: Written by three of the top professionals in the turfgrass field, Managing Turfgrass Pests, Second Edition brings together hundreds of solutions and best practices to help you manage turfgrass weeds, diseases, and insects more effectively. Since the publication of the bestselling first edition, advances in pest-resistant turfgrass cultivars and pest control products have led to significant changes in the ways pests are managed. This revised and updated second edition reinforces those management tactics that are still relevant and covers new approaches that have been introduced since the first edition.

Protocols for an IPM System on Golf Courses

University of Massachusetts' Extension
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Brief Description: This publication presents a set of standards that can be used to develop an environmentally feasible and economically viable integrated pest management system on any golf course. Designed in a workbook format, Protocols includes pest monitoring guides, action threshold guidelines, and recording forms for daily monitoring and plant materials applications. The book is the result of a three-year cooperative effort between the UMass Extension Turf Program and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of New England.

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The first edition of this reference work became known as the bible of turfgrass entomology upon publication in 1987. It proved invaluable to both professional entomologists and commercial turf managers, and also has been used widely in college extension courses.

Turfgrass Problems: Picture Clues and Management Options 

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This publication features over 130 color photos of problems that affect Cool-season turfgrasses. The compact, spiral-bound guide is an excellent reference for Individuals associated with the turfgrass industry. The guide covers four types of problems: abiotic problems, diseases, insects, and weeds.