Montgomery County

1 Field (Andrew Frankenfield)

July 29, 2014

Growth stage: R1

Insect and Disease populations are very low.
Septoria brown spot and grasshoppers observed
Soil moisture is good.

July 21, 2014

Growth stage: R1

Grasshoppers – Severity: 1
Septoria brown spot – Severity:1
Very little other disease or insects found
Average plant height: 22”
Field quite dry with plants wilting

July 15, 2014

Growth stage: V9

Minor insect feeding – grasshoppers, Japanese beetles
Septoria brown spot at low levels

July 1, 2014

Growth stage: V5

Some slug feeding on the lower leaves
No insect damage or disease noted
Soil conditions are beginning to dry out, crop is not under stress yet

June 24, 2014

Growth stage: V3-V4

Some slug feeding on the lower leaves
Overall health looks good
Nothing other to report