Extension Programs

Information on insect pests that prey on livestock animals including poultry and equine.

Bed bugs are making a comeback in apartment buildings, dorm rooms, hotels, hospitals and homes across the country.

Information on insects, weeds, culture, and diseases that affect Christmas trees in addition to weekly seasonal insect scouting reports.

Estas páginas proveen materiales educativos sobre los insectos y otras plagas artrópodas, los métodos para manejar estas plagas, información sobre la seguridad con los pesticidas y el Manejo Integral de Plagas (IPM por sus siglas en inglés) y enlaces a páginas similares en otras universidades.

Resources that can help agricultural professionals manage insect populations in Pennsylvania's field and forage crops.

Green fruit worm larva

Information on the major pests of fruit crops in Pennsylvania and pest management practices for growing fruit crops such as tree fruits, grapes, brambles, and berries.

Beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby, a profitable sideline, or a full-time occupation.

Images contributed by individuals committed to the enhancement of teaching and learning. The images may be freely used by faculty, students, and staff for noncommercial educational purposes.

Resources for making informed, safe decisions concerning pesticide use.

Jumping spider
Asian lady beetles and aphids

Urban entomology is the study of insects and mites that affect people and their property, pests that damage structures, infest food or clothing, or those pests that are simply a nuisance to homeowners. This page contains information on household pests like cockroaches, food and fiber pests, ants, nuisance pests like stink bugs and lady beetles, wood damaging pests and medical or public health, stinging and biting insects.