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Highlights: Cryptomeria scale 2nd generation

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Highlights: Cryptomeria scale, Pine needle scale, Elongate Hemlock Scale

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Highlights: Diplodia tip blight, Elongate Hemlock Scale, Bagworm, Spruce Needle Rust

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Highlights: Elongate hemlock scale, spruce diseases, pine bark adelgid

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Highlights are: Douglas-fir needle midge, Needle casts, Pine Bark Adelgid, Spruce spider mites, Balsam twig aphid

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Highlights: Spruce Spider Mites, beginning of Douglas-fir bud break, Needle casts, Pine bark adelgid

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Swiss Needle cast is without a doubt the most insidious disease to attack Douglas fir. In comparison to Rhabdocline needle cast, Rhabdocline is child’s play! Without proper management, Douglas fir will be a tree of the past. Now do I have your attention?!

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Highlights: Balsam twig aphid, weevils, spruce spider mite

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Highlights: White pine weevil, rust mites and eastern spruce gall adelgid

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Highlights: Cold temperatures’ effects on insects and Eriophyid mites

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Highlights: Weevil trapping, rabbit damage and rust mites

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Highlights: Trapping for white pine weevil, and scouting for Eriophyid Mites