PDF, 532.3 KB

Highlights: Lammas growth, Cryptomeria scale, Diplodia

PDF, 713.0 KB

Highlights: Cryptomeria, Elongate Hemlock and Fletcher Scales, Needle rust of Concolor Fir.

PDF, 389.0 KB

Highlights: Cryptomeria scale

PDF, 476.7 KB

Highlights: Cryptomeria Scale, Bagworm, Striped Pine Scale, Fletcher Scale.

PDF, 654.7 KB

Highlights: Bagworm, Cryptomeria Scale, Pine Spittlebug

PDF, 635.4 KB

Highlights: Bagworm, Cryptomeria, Elongate Hemlock Scale

PDF, 522.8 KB

Highlights: Elongate Hemlock Scale, Pine Needle Scale, Bagworm

PDF, 391.4 KB

Highlights: Spruce needle rust, pine needle scale and bagworm

PDF, 523.7 KB

Highlights: Spruce Needle Rust, Douglas-fir Needle Midge, Elongate Hemlock Scale, Pine Bark Adelgid

PDF, 511.8 KB

Highlights: Bud break, spruce needle rust, Douglas-fir needle midge, pine bark adelgid

PDF, 691.3 KB

Highlights: Douglas-fir bud break, needle casts, Phytophthora root rot

PDF, 1.3 MB

Highlights: Balsam twig aphid, spruce spider mites, needle casts and Douglas-fir needle midge

PDF, 406.9 KB

Highlights: Spruce spider mite, Balsam twig aphid, adelgids and needle casts

PDF, 491.6 KB

Highlights: white pine weevil, Pales weevil, Eriophyid mites and spider mites

PDF, 475.5 KB

Highlights: white pine weevils, Eriophyid mites