PDF, 375.8 KB

Special scouting update on the 2nd Generation of Cryptomeria scale.

PDF, 364.7 KB

Highlights: Striped Pine Scale, Cryptomeria Scale, Pine Needle Scale, White Pine Weevil

PDF, 310.8 KB

Highlights: Cryptomeria, Elongate Hemlock and Fraser Scales

PDF, 421.8 KB

Highlights: Cryptomeria & Elongate Hemlock scales, Bagworm, Spruce Spider mites, Diplodia tip blight

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Highlights: Cryptomeria scale, elongate hemlock scale, bagworm and Fletcher scale

PDF, 383.8 KB

Highlights: Cryptomeria scale, elongate hemlock scale, bagworm, Fletcher scale, spruce needle rust.

PDF, 434.9 KB

Highlights: Elongate hemlock scale, Bagworm, Cryptomeria scale and pine needle scale

PDF, 388.1 KB

Highlights: Spruce needle rust, Pine Needle Scale, Fletcher Scale and Elongate Hemlock Scale

PDF, 374.8 KB

Highlights: Spruce Needle Rust, Douglas-fir needle midge, spruce spider mite, Douglas-fir needle casts, pine needle scale.

PDF, 1019.5 KB

Highlights: Spruce Spider Mite, Douglas-fir needle midge, Needle casts, Spruce needle rust, white pine weevil.

PDF, 409.2 KB

Highlights: Pine Bark Adelgid, Spruce Spider Mite, Balsam Twig Aphid, Rhabdocline Needle Cast, Douglas-fir Needle midge and Spruce Needle Rust.

PDF, 439.0 KB

Highlights: spruce spider mite, balsam twig aphid, white pine weevil

PDF, 275.4 KB

Highlights: balsam twig aphid, spider mites, white pine weevil and cooley spruce gall adelgid.

PDF, 418.9 KB

Highlights: Eriophyid mites, white pine weevil, pales weevil and Cooley spruce gall adelgid

PDF, 394.9 KB

Highlights: growing degree days, white pine weevil, spruce gall adelgids and Eriophyid mites.