June 20, 2003

Christmas Tree Scouting Report -
Number 13

Welcome to the Christmas Tree Scouting Report for the week ending June 20. The next report will be available after 4 PM on Friday June 27 and will be the last one for the 2003 season. To receive a FAX of this week's message,
please call (814) 865-1636.

The dates for the 2004 Penn State Christmas Tree Management Short Course have been selected, and the organizing committee has put together a tentative program. The dates are February 18-19, and the event will be held at the Penn Stater. Additional information will be available in December.

Cryptomeria scale crawlers are beginning to hatch in Dauphin and York counties this week. The few crawlers found were still under the protective covering of the adult female. In Berks, Lebanon and Lancaster counties, no eggs had hatched. Next week crawlers should be out at all sites. If you are planning to spray for this scale, apply an insecticide when you see crawlers on your trees. Tap an infected branch over a paper plate and look for the bright yellow crawlers or inspect the bottoms of the new needles for crawlers. Many of the crawlers will go to the new growth to settle and feed. Since eggs hatch over a few weeks, two or three sprays are necessary to control the first generation of this scale. Most chemicals have a 7 to
10 day period between sprays, so check the label before using one of the registered insecticides. The second generation of cryptomeria scale crawler emergence is in mid to late August.

We also are monitoring for striped pine scale on Scotch pine. There were no eggs found this week at our monitoring site in Carbon County. This scale is closely related to the Pine tortoise scale, but here in Pennsylvania most of the scale populations have been found to be the striped pine scale. Both species have one generation per year. We will continue monitoring for this scale until crawlers emerge, which should be in the next week or two.