Educational Materials

1. McCullough, D.G., S.A. Katovich, D.L. Mahr, D.D. Neumann, C.S. Sadof and M.J. Raupp. 1999. Biological Control of Insect Pests in Forested Ecosystems: A manual for foresters, christmas tree growers and landscapers. Michigan State University Extension Bulletin E-2679. Michigan State University Extension, E. Lansing, MI. 122pp.

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2. Orton, D.A. 1989. Coincide The Orton system of pest management: timing pest management with ornamental plant development. Plantsmen's Publications, Flossmoor, IL. 190pp.

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3.Chastagner, G.A., R.S. Byther, A. Antomelli, J. DeAngelis, C. Landgren (eds). 1997. Christmas tree diseases, insects and disorders in the pacific northwest: Identification and management. Washington State University Cooperative Extension, Pullman, WA 156pp.

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4. Biology and Control of Zimmerman Pine Moth in Christmas Trees #E2600 (0.75)

5. Pine Shoot Beetle Compliance Program for Christmas Tree Growers #E2615 ($2.50)

6. Scale Insects of Christmas Trees #E2477 (0.60)

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7. Christmas Tree Diseases, Insects, & Disorders in the Pacific Northwest: Identification and Management. #MISC186 ($25.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling) 1997. 156p, 130 color illustrations, spiral bound. Editor: Gary A. Chastagner, and R. Byther, A. Antonelli, et. al. Associate Editors.

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8. Scouting Fraser Fir Christmas Trees AG-573 ($4.50) Jill R. Sidebottom, Jeff Owen, and Doug Hundley. Color pictures - Grower oriented. A lot of documents are available on the web: (Extension/Extension Forestry/Publications) Contact Ann Napier at the N. C. State University Forestry Department for more info., Phone: 828-684-3562

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9. A Field Guide to Forest Insects and Diseases of the Prairie Provinces. #ISBN-0660-15-9481 (29.95-U.S. + $4.00 S+H) 1995. 297p., Y. Hiratsuka, D.W. Langor and P.E. Crane. UBC Press.

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10. Insects of Eastern Spruces, Fir and Hemlock # F064-23-1994E ($39.95-U.S. + 5.40 shipping and handling)
1994. 127p., A.H. Rose and O.H. Lindquist.

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