Insecticides and Miticides for PA Christmas Tree Pests

Disclaimer for Insecticides and Miticides for PA Christmas Tree Pests

The publication titled Insecticides and Miticides for PA Christmas Tree Pests (prepared by PA Dept Agriculture) contains information pertaining to pesticides currently registered by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for distribution and sale in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is provided for informational purposes only by the PA Dept of Agriculture. Please contact The National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NPIRS) for any questions related to Pennsylvania Pesticide registration data.  NPIRS is a collection of pesticide-related databases available by public access. NPIRS is under the administration of the Center for Environmental and Regulatory Information Systems, CERIS, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Information derived from this publication does not constitute a label replacement or a recommendation. Before applying any pesticide, applicators must read and understand the entire pesticide label and any additional labeling related to the proposed use. Always check the container/package label to determine if the intended use site is included on the label. READ AND FOLLOW ALL LABEL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING ANY PESTICIDE PRODUCT. NEVER USE ANY PESTICIDE IN A MANNER INCONSISTENT WITH THE US EPA APPROVED LABELING!