Department of Entomology Seminars

Fall Semester 2010

Sept 3
Tracy Langkilde, Dept Biology, PSU
Stress and Invasion: Factors influencing the escape behavior of native fence lizards in response to introduced fire ants
(Host: Grotzinger)

Sept 10
Pete Billingsley, Sanaria Inc. 
Development of a mosquito-derived, attenuated whole parasite vaccine against malaria
(Host: Read)

Sept 17
Diana Cox-Foster, Dept Entomology, PSU
The perils of being a pollinator:  Interaction of viruses, parasites, and pesticides  

Sept 24
Matt Thomas, Dept Entomology, PSU
Malaria, recessions and variability 

Oct 1
Day before Insect Fair 

Oct 8
Christina Rosa, Dept Entomology, PSU   
RNA interference in insect vectors
(Host: Hoover)

Oct 15
Lieutenant Colonel Jason Richardson, PhD, Director, Division of Entomology, Walter Reed Army Institute for Research, MD.
Medical Entomology in the Army: In the Footsteps of Walter Reed and William Gorgas
(Host: Read)

Oct 22
Julián Hillyer, Dept Biological Sciences and Inst for Global Health, Vanderbilt Univ
Exploring the physiological interaction between the mosquito circulatory and immune systems
(Host: Thomas)

Oct 29
Mike Strand, Dept Entomology, University of Georgia
Polydnaviruses as symbionts and pathogens of insects
(Host: Dan Schmehl for Grad students)

Nov 5
Gina Wimp, Dept Biology, Georgetown University
Plant genetic drivers of arthropod community structure: the predictability of a community genetics approach to conservation
(Host: Tooker)

Nov 12
Linda Walling, Dept Botany and Plant Sciences, UC Riverside  
Know your enemy: The role of induced defenses in plant-insect interactions
(Host: Beth Irwin for Grad students)

Nov 19
Claudio Gratton, Department of Entomology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Midge Madness!  Quantifying linkages between lake and land
(Host: Felton)

Nov 26