Ecological Applications

Our Ecological Applications group is excellent with research spanning the theoretical to the applied. What is particularly noteworthy about this core of faculty is their extensive use of modeling to forecast pests and diseases in space and time.
  • Professor of Entomology


Sustainable and organic agriculture; Biological soil quality and sustainability; entomopathogenic biology and ecology

  • Distinguished Professor of Entomology and Biology
  • J. Lloyd & Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair of Epidemiology


Population ecology and population dynamics with particular emphasis on mathematical and computational aspects

  • Professor of Entomology


Insect ecology and management in vegetable agroecosystems (Sweetcorn Monitoring Program)

  • Professor of Entomology
  • Center for Chemical Ecology
  • Center for Pollinator Research


Invasive species research: development of trapping techniques for the Asian longhorned beetle; gut microbial symbionts of the Asian longhorned beetle; methods development for exclusion of invasive species

  • Professor Emeritus of Entomology


Biology and management of arthropod pests and natural enemies on deciduous tree fruit crops; pesticide resistance management; pheromone mating disruption; evaluation of insecticides/acaricides/biologicals.

  • Professor Emeritus and Curator Emeritus, Frost Entomological Museum;
  • Founding Director Emeritus, Center for BioDiversity Research


Biodiversity science: exploration, documentation, taxonomy/systematics of arthropod biodiversity; biodiversity inventory, assessment and monitoring.  Forensic application of entomology. Biology and evolution of infraspecific variations. Ecology and coevolution of animal parasite/host interactions.  Impacts of anthropogenic stressor on biodiversity.

  • Associate Professor Emeritus of Entomology


IPM, impact of pesticides on non-target species; sampling strategies

  • Professor of Entomology and IPM Coordinator


IPM, biology of fruit pests, pollination and apiculture

  • Professor Emeritus of Entomology


Ecology and IPM of arthropods affecting vineyards; design and development of computer-based systems that capture, formalize, and represent qualitative and quantitative knowledge associated with managed and natural systems

  • Professor and Huck Scholar in Ecological Entomology


Ecology and evolution of host-pathogen interactions; invasive species; agrobiodiversity and natural pest control; biological control

  • Professor of Entomology
  • Extension Specialist


Chemically mediated tritrophic interactions, host-plant location by herbivores, host location by parasitoids, understanding how plants defend themselves against insect herbivores, including the release of volatile compounds as indirect defenses, phytohormone dynamics in response to herbivory, gall-inducing insects.