June 2009

Hosted by Dr. Kelli Hoover on Friday, June 19, 12:00 noon in room 504 ASI.

We will present a brief overview of the projects conducted in the lab that relate to chemical ecology.  We are an invasive species research lab and some of our projects require working under quarantine conditions.  How this is handled at Penn State may be of interest to some of you.

Major projects in the lab include:  development of trapping techniques for the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) using pheromones and plant volatiles; proteomic, metagenomic and transcriptomic approaches to identify and determine functions of ALB gut microbial symbionts, including interactions with the beetle's host tree; and anti-viral defenses of the gypsy moth to its host specific baculovirus.  The gypsy moth project also involves aspects of co-evolution among the virus, the insect, and the host plant.

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