2009 PSU-CU Joint Mini-symposium

Members of the Penn State Center for Chemical Ecology traveled to Cornell  for a Joint Mini-Symposium on October 23-24, 2009.  The following students and postdocs participated:


Liz Bosak - "Biochemical Cage Match:  Cryptic Priming in Maize.

Torrence Gill - "Survivorship of Western and Southern Corn Rootworm on Insect Resistant Maize"

Yang Han - "JAZ and JA regulation in maize upon insect feeding"

Christy Harris - "Host Suitability and the Importance of Learning Experiences in Generalist Parasitoid Host-Finding"

Rupesh Kariyat - "Effects of genetic variation and inbreeding on Plant-Insect interactions and volatile production in Horsenettle"

Emily Hohlfeld Kuhns - "Characterization of a Caterpillar Fatty Acid Amino Acid Conjugate Hydrolase"

Helene Quaghebeur - "Impact of the presence of a generalist predator, the minute pirate bug Orius insidiosus, on tomato induced defenses"

Swayamjit Ray - "Can Caterpillar frass alter plant defense?"

German Sandoya - "Is the Maize Herbivore Defense Response Triggered by Secretions of the Noctuid Ventral Eversible Gland?"

Daniel Schmehl - "Sublethal effects of pesticide combinations on honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) larval development and adult associative learning"

Ezra Schwartzberg - "Factors affecting induced plant defenses in response to aphid feeding"

Jason Smith - "Odor-mediated foraging by parasitic plants:  Do mature Cuscuta pentagona vines respond to odor cues from potential host plants?"