Tuesday, April 21

118 ASI Building

8:30     Jim Tumlinson - Welcome and Introduction

8:40     Katalin Boroczky - “Potential role of antennal lipids in insect olfaction.”

9:00     Kathrin Steck - "The scent of a snapshot:  olfactory and visual landmarks in desert ant orientation."

9:20     Christy Harris - “Generalist parasitoid attraction to herbivore damaged plants:  Are positive learning experiences more important than herbivore-induced plant volatiles?”

9:40     Anna Henning - "Should I lay or should I go?  Semiochemicals in the oviposition of Manduca sexta." 

10:00   Coffee Break

10:30   Johannes Stökl - "Sexy flowers:  the role of pollination in hybridization and speciation of sexually deceptive orchids."

10:50   Miruna Sasuclark - “A Novel Transmission Mode of Erwinia tracheiphila through floral tissues of Cucurbita pepo.”

11:10   Regina Stieber - "A green specialist:  generation of a transgenic non-model insect." 

11:30   Lunch Break

252 Food Science Building

2:00     Vasileios Bitas - “Plant-fungi interactions mediated though fungal volatiles.”

2:20     Merid Getahun - "In vivo signal transduction analysis in Drosophila."

2:40     Andy Myrick - “Insect Antenna-based Chemosensor for Detecting and Locating Sources of Volatile Emissions.”

3:00     Veit Grabe - "In vivo Chloride Imaging in Drosophila melanogaster."

3:20     Depart for Bill Hansson seminar in Room 101 Althouse Lab

101 Althouse Lab

4:00     Bill Hansson Seminar - “The contrivances by which orchids and other flowers are pollinated.”   

Wednesday, April 22

118 ASI Building

8:30     Linda Kübler - “Smells like... what?  First Order Blend Processing in the Moth Antennal Lobe.” 

8:50     Andy Sombke - "Neuroarchitecture and Neuroethology of Chilopods:  insights into the evolution of mandibulate olfactory centers."

9:10     Amy Toth - "A genomic approach to the evolution of queen pheromones in social insects."

9:30     Jeanine Linz - "The 'Vampire fly':  olfactory adaptations in response to extreme host-specialization."

9:50     Kevin Donohue - “Genomics of mite and tick reproduction and development.”

10:10     Coffee Break

10:40   Wen-Po (Casper) Chuang - “Caterpillar saliva:  does it induce herbivore defenses in maize?”

11:00   Antonia Strutz - "A look inside the fly nose:  visualization of Arum compounds in the Drosophila brain."

11:20   Naoko Yoshinaga - “Function, activity and evolutionary diversity of FACs in lepidopteran caterpillars.”

11:40   Maya Nehme - “Pheromone Communication in the Asian Longhorned Beetle.”

12:00   Lunch Break