Colorado State University

Graduate position opening

I am recruiting highly motivated and independent graduate students with strong quantitative skills to join my lab. The position/s will begin with fieldwork in the summer of 2018, before progressing to graduate classes at CSU in the fall. Research projects are broadly structured to understand phytochemical bases of honeybee health and related aspects. Knowledge of beekeeping is not required but is a plus. Successful candidates are expected be comfortable working with honey bees, performing regular hive maintenance, conducting behavioral and chemical assays in the lab, interacting with stake holders and extension personnel. A combination of research and teaching assistantships are available. Interested candidates are encouraged to send questions or a preliminary application (CV, statement of interest, GRE scores, contact information for three references) to , Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Colorado State University. Candidates should apply to the graduate program at the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, College of Agriculture, before March 1 2018. Candidates can also apply through the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology by Jan 1 2018.