Bicycle and Moped Regulations


All bicycles must be operated according to the provisions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Vehicle Code as it pertains to bicycles, as well as to Penn State’s rules and regulations .

A moped follows the same driving and parking rules and regulations as an automobile, however, is registered and parked as a bicycle.


Students having bicycles or mopeds on campus must register them and obtain a permit. There is no fee for this registration. Register them at the kiosks in the visitor parking lots Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. This service is available at the University Police in the Eisenhower Parking Deck outside of these times.

Those bicycles/mopeds registered by the police department of the Borough of State College are valid on University Park Campus. Also, the University Park-issued permits are valid in the Borough of State College. This is by reciprocal agreement, and identical permits are issued. Upon expiration, bicycles/mopeds must be re-registered.

Registrations and/or permits are not transferable. In the event of the sale of a bicycle/moped, or transfer of ownership, the new owner must register it in his/her name.

As a bicycle owner, all provisions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Vehicle Code and the rules and regulations of Penn State affect you. With regard to the Vehicle Code, you must operate your bike as though it were a motor vehicle; i.e., you must stop at stop signs and travel the correct way on one-way streets. Failure to do so may result in a citation. The license period is identical with that of the Borough of State College--expiring on May 31 of each year--and the vehicle must be re-registered by that time.


The enforcement of bicycle/moped regulations will be in effect at all times.

These vehicles may be ridden on bicycle routes and automobile thoroughfares only. Riders must walk their vehicles at all other places. Specifically, bicycles may not be ridden on paths, walkways, malls, or any other pedestrian-used way, with the exception of those paths clearly marked as dual-usage routes.

Bicycles may be parked on campus at places clearly designated by the presence of bicycle racks. Specifically, a bicycle/moped must not be parked in automobile parking spaces, on lawn areas, shrub or flower beds, streets, driveways, or in any building, including residence halls. Parking is also prohibited on sidewalks, entrance ways to buildings, or places that would hinder pedestrian travel.

In the event a bicycle rack is full, the bicycle may be parked upright in the general vicinity, provided it does not impede pedestrian traffic.

Any abandoned or nonregistered bicycle parked on campus, or any bicycle parked hindering University Operations, obstructing steps or a handicap ramp may be removed and impounded by the University Police. If unclaimed within three months after impoundment, it will be deemed a gift to the University, to be disposed of through appropriate University channels.

Any bicycle parked on campus shall be parked at the risk of the owner. When unattended, bicycles should always be locked to avoid theft.